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[Exclusive] Winter Collection “Winter Spice Latte” (Ear Cuff)
[Exclusive] Winter Collection “Winter Spice Latte” (Ear Cuff)
[Exclusive] Winter Collection “Winter Spice Latte” (Ear Cuff)

[Exclusive] Winter Collection “Winter Spice Latte” (Ear Cuff)

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- Limited Edition Design / Limited time sale 

 *Comes with 1 ear cuff set. Other design products are sold separately.

- Size: Adjustable 

 *Ear cuffs are made with a very delicate material and can be deformed if you hold them tight or apply pressure.  Please handle it gently.

- 14K gold-filled bar 


What is 14K Gold-filled?

Gold-filled is a beautiful and more affordable alternative to solid gold as it is a genuine layer of gold permanently bonded onto base metal with heat and pressure that contains 100+ times more gold than gold plated. It is extremely durable, won't chip or flake, is tarnish resistant, and is a great alternative to expensive solid gold jewelry. It looks great and with proper care, it will last for over 10 years. Gold fill jewelry can also be worn by people with sensitive skin*.

*Allergy prevention not guaranteed. 

- Unisex design 

- All handmade with love

- supporting health in a fashionable way

- Great for migraine, headache, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, light sleep, tiredness, cramps, immune system, anxiety, child tantrum, chronic condition etc… 

*Please note that the effect may vary from person to person and is not guaranteed to be compensated.

Terahertz bead is a man-made gemstone that was invented by Japanese scientists in order to protect the body against electromagnetic smog and harmful radiation. It’s an artificial stone called silicon.

It vibrates 1 trillion times per second, and the Terahertz waves act directly from the skin on the cells of the body. Helps restore health and prevent illness. In recent years, terahertz has become very popular with people who have a strong awareness of beauty and health in Japan.

- Made with High quality Terahertz 10mm (6N; silicon 99.9999%), 14K gold-filled bar, and Picture Jasper (8mm)

- Our brand tag/beads are made with high quality stainless steel. 
- Hypoallergenic 

- Each gemstone and bead are unique and will vary in shape, size, and color.

- Comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving.

- Ideal for everyday wear, meaningful gifts, and special occasions.

*We do not return or exchange.


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